[Hackathon] Where/Werewolf

Brumhack: Where/Werewolf
Curzon Building, Birmingham
Organisers: BCU HaCS Society
Team: Liam Sorta, Nat Baulch-Jones‎, Edward Evans
GitHub: http://devpost.com/software/werewolf-wherewolf (Can’t get on the repo </3)



As you may have guessed, I’m not a huge fan of web dev. Alas, this hack I bit the bullet and worked on (or at least attempted to) front/backend web development.

Our original concept was a site that made organising the popular party game “Werewolf” easier. A visitor could either create or join a lobby, at which point the admin of the lobby would start the game and distribute cards out to all players, displaying their card while holding down on the card back.

Admins would declare players as dead, track usage of class-specific abilities and even restart the game if necessary.
You read ‘would’.
You know where this is going.

We didn’t quite manage to pull this off and lost one of our teammates to exhaustion come night.

Quick! Pivot!
There’s an hour left, what do we do!?


And so from the werewolf’s ashes, Wherewolf arose.

Let me play through a scenario with you.
You’re walking home, it’s a quiet yet peaceful night, a light warm breeze drifting by.
You walk down the nature reserve path SUDDEN, WOLF

You roll for dexterity, you roll 1, campaign over.

Imagine if you had a site that could check if there were wolves in your area!

The site we created in the final hour asks for a postcode input and returns your likelihood of encountering a wolf. 

I never thought there would be as much data online regarding wolf population density as there is, but I suppose it’s natural that others share my concern of spontaneous wolf attacks.

In all seriousness, this was a great chance for me to educate myself on web socket programming, front/backend development, it’s also a great example of why even if you out-scope yourself at a hackathon, it’s always worth making the best of a situation and demoing regardless.

Oh, and IHateWeb

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