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I'm Liam, a 19 year old Game Developer currently studying at Birmingham City University. If you have any enquiries / job requests then please use the contact form or the email above.

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Liam Sorta
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Hi there, I'm Liam Sorta, a 20 year old Game Developer that is currently studying BSc Gaming Technology at Birmingham City University.

Gaming and bringing games to life are two things I am very passionate about, even more so however is my drive to develop for new technologies, I'm waiting on the day we bring VRMMORPGs to life, and when we do, I want to be partly responsible!

Programming is what I will probably be doing while you're reading this, coming from an RPG background I love working on projects with diverse/complex systems that come together cleanly for a rich experience.

My Skills
I started programming around the age of 11 working with VBA macros, you couldn't imagine a happier child than one that had just turned 5 cells green by pressing a button. As I progressed in highschool I was given a grant by the Gifted and Talented programme to complete an online PHP course, from that I began creating my own websites and login systems. I went on to focus on VB and creating small applications, an example being my Facebook Picture Grabber, a fun little idea I had that would use the Facebook Graph API to download random pictures and store them, I also made a pruner that would delete any low res / default pictures based on KB size. I am currently working with C# to create games using the Unity engine.
I got into film and media through a group ran at my secondary school called 'HHCTV', a school news channel. From this I learnt the basic skills required in creating assets / using equipment. It was from here that I established links with charity organisers that eventually brought me to where I am today. Being part of this team gave me an early head start in learning teamwork skills and the way in which a workflow is constructed/executed and reviewed upon
In 2009 I was the community manager for gaming forum with ~100 members, while it was a small community I learnt basic key people management skills that brought me to my current role where I manage a community for a game with users in the tens of thousands.